Parking Information

Student Parking

* Parking permits are required when classes are in session for all vehicles including those with handicapped parking permits and for those attending athletic, theater, dance, music, and other college events.

* Daily parking permits may be purchased for $2 from parking lot permit dispensers.

* All vehicles must park within a marked stall (CVC 21113a)

* Head-in parking required in all diagonal stalls on campus.

* Ventura County Community College District is not responsible for any theft or loss of property while utilizing parking facilities.

* Students with a Department of Motor Vehicles disabled person’s plate or placard, or with a current disabled parking decal issued by the Educational Assistance Center (EAC), may park in marked disabled stalls on campus. Drivers with disabilities are subject to the same parking fees as nondisabled drivers. Disabled parking decals may be obtained at the EAC.

* Unauthorized vehicles parked in designated handicapped spaces not displaying distinguishing placards or license plates for physically disabled persons may be towed away at owner’s expense. Towed vehicles may be reclaimed by contacting the Campus Police office in building BCS or by calling 805-654-6486. (CVC 22652)

Parking Fees

All students parking a vehicle on the campus must pay the parking fees listed below, regardless of the number of units for which they are enrolled. Parking fee are subject to change at the discretion of the Governing Board.

Beginning Summer 2012:


Regular Semester

Summer Semester




BOGW Students









Single Day




Ride-sharing and Carpooling: To encourage student ridesharing and carpooling, a student who certifies that he or she regularly has two or more passengers commuting to the College with him/her in the vehicle parked at the College, the fee shall not exceed thirty-five dollars ($35) per semester and fifteen dollars ($15) for summer.

Financial Aid Students: Students who receive financial assistance pursuant to any of the programs described in subsection of Education Code §72252(g) shall be exempt from parking fees in excess of thirty dollars ($30) per semester for one vehicle.