2006 Awardees


january 2006, abra paudler with dr. robin calote
January 2006
Abra Paudler, Theatre Arts (faculty and classified staff) with Dr. Robin Calote

february 2006, simon waltzer
February 2006
Simon Waltzer, Professor of English and Speech with Dr. Robin Calote

march 2006, bob moskowitz with dr. robin calote
March 2006
Bob Moskowitz, Art Department Chair with Dr. Robin Calote

april 2006, billie sommars with dr. robin calote, nancy latham and steve turner
April 2006
Billie Sommars, classified staff with Dr. Robin Calote, Nancy Latham and Steve Turner

may 2006, susan bricker with dr. robin calote
May 2006
Susan Bricker, Registrar with Dr. Robin Calote

june 2006, richard goff
June 2006
Richard Goff, Professor of Criminal Justice

julyl 2006, bob forest with tom kimberling
July 2006
Bob Forest, Director of Maintenance and Operations (manager) with Tom Kimberling, Vice President of Business Services

august 2006, jessie llamas
August 2006
Jessie Llamas, Women's Athletic Equipment Manager (classified staff)

september 2006, liza cansino with robin douglas and diane moore
September 2006
Liza Cansino, Child Development Center (classified staff), center, with robing Douglas, Supervisor, Child Development Center and Diane Moore, Dean

october 2006, susan carter
October 2006
Susan Carter, Child Development Center (classified staff) with two of her students

november 2006, peter sezzi
November 2006
Peter Sezzi, Librarian (faculty) with Diane Moore, Dean

december 2006, rae ann lappo
December 2006
Rae Ann Lappo, Bookstore Operations Assistant (classified staff) with Tom Kimberling, Vice President of Business Services