2003 Awardees

january 2003, larry falxa, faculty, EAC
January 2003

Larry Falxa, Faculty, EAC

february 2003, richard lapaglia, student activities specialist
February 2003

Richard LaPaglia, Student Activities Specialist

march 2003, sergio palestina, maintainence and operations, custodial staff
March 2003

Sergio Palestina, Maintenance and Operations Custodial Staff

april 2003, tom roe, photo faculty and staff development chair and jerry dunlap, physical education faculty and special projects, joint awardees
April 2003

Tom Roe, Photo Faculty and Staff Development Chair and
Jerry Dunlap, Physical Education Faculty and Special Projects, (joint awardees)

may 2003, bob renger, dean, arts and sciences
May 2003
Bob Renger, Dean, Arts and Sciences

june 2003, celia rodriguez, admissions and records, assistant registrar
June 2003

Celia Rodriguez - Admissions and Records, Assistant Registrar

july 2003, david breslin
July 2003
David Breslin - Librarian
(with Dean Diane Moore)

august 2003, aurora de la selva
August 2003
Aurora De La Selva - Counselor
(with Dean Lyn MacConnaire)

september 2003, holley ramsey with nancy latham
September 2003
Holley Ramsey - DSPS Technician
(with Nancy Latham - EAC Coordinator)

october 2003, larry manson
October 2003
Larry Manson - Professor
(with Executive Vice President Joan Smith)

november 2003, sandy hajas
November 2003
Sandy Hajas - LRC Supervisor
(with President Larry Calderon)

december 2003, glenda plisky
December 2003
Glenda Plisky - Administrative Assistant II
(with Assistant Dean Jerry Mortensen)