2002 Awardees

july 2002, joan beem, director of the nursing program
July 2002

Joan Beem - Director of the Nursing Program

august 2002, deborah ventura, english faculty
August 2002

Deborah Ventura - English Faculty

september 2002, sharon stout, adminstrative assistant to tom kimberling
September 2002
Sharon Stout - Administrative Assistant to Tom Kimberling

october 2002, robin douglas, supervisor, child development center
October 2002

Robin Douglas - Supervisor, Child Development Center

november 2002, dusty tubbs, faculty, cisco academy
November 2002

Dusty Tubbs, Faculty, Cisco Academy

december 2002, kathleen gilligan, clerical assistant II, intercollegiate athletics dept.
December 2002

Kathleen Gilligan, Clerical Assistant II, Intercollegiate Athletics Dept.