Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to apply for my GI Bill® Educational Benefits?Veterans Icon

How many units do I need to receive VA Educational Benefits? 

  • 12 or more units: full-time
  • 9- 11.5 units: three-quarter time
  • 6-8 units: half-time
  • 1-5 units: no benefits

How will I receive payment (BAH)?

  • Direct Deposit

How much BAH will I get?

  • BAH amount will vary during the first and last month of the semester. The amount is based on units (full time or part time student). Full time (12 units), Part time (6-8 units), or Post 9/11 (7-8).

What happens if I fail a class?

  • When possible, notify the VRC staff prior to receiving the F grade. Further instructions will be given. Please note in this event it may result in an over-payment, you will have to re-pay the VA. 

Am I eligible for Financial Aid in conjunction with my GI Bill® Educational Benefits?

  • Yes. The VRC staff encourages every student to apply for Fin Aid while using GI Bill® Educational Benefits.

Are Military transcripts accepted? 

  • Yes, the Military transcript will be evaluated by the Academic Counselor, and discuss how the units will be applied. 

What happens if I am deployed while I am attending college?

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