Estimated Fees and Expenses

Annual Fees and Estimated Living Expenses


Tuition and Fees for one year, based on 12 units/semester* 

International Student Tuition ($310/per unit)  $7440
Health Office Fee  $38



Variable College Expenses*  

Major Medical Heath Insurance (Estimate) For more information:
Books (estimate)  $1,000
Parking Permit (required if parking on campus)  $80          
Total Estimated College Expenses  $9,746


Estimated Living Expenses                                                $11,254


Ventura College Financial Requirement                       $21,000
 All fees are subject to change without notice!
***Some students may need to pay additional transportation costs which vary.  Ventura College does not
      have dormitories.  Living expenses will vary according to your housing needs.  Above costs do not
      include Summer sessions.

 Enrollment fees are set by the state, are subject to change without notice and may be retroactive. All other fees are set by Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustees and are subject to change by board action.