Institutional Equity and Effectiveness


Our office provides high-quality data and analysis to inform college decisions. We provide leadership in the areas of institutional research, college planning, and program review.

IEE Staff

Dean of Institutional Equity and Effectiveness: Phillip Briggs
Phone: (805) 289-6036
Office: DRC
Institutional Researcher: Michael Callahan
Phone: (805) 289-6344
Office: LRC-149

Research Analyst: Pamela Yeagley, PhD
Phone: (805) 289-6506
Office: DRC

Administrative Assistant: Felicia Torres
Phone: (805) 289-6329
Office: DRC-44

Technical Data Specialist: Ornpawee (Nan) Duangpun

Phone: (805) 289-6408

Office: DRC-30


Academic Data Specialist: Kelly Denton

Phone: (805) 289-6523

Office: DRC-30