English Faculty

The faculty of the Department of English are committed to helping students to meet their educational goals, write clearly and read analytically.  English faculty employ a range of teaching methods to meet students’ varied learning styles.  In their English instructors, students will find mentors committed to helping them reach their goals and to pursue lifelong learning.      

English Department Chair

Adjunct Faculty Representatives, Spring 2015-Fall 2015

Faculty Member  

Contact Information

Heather Aguailar

Heather Aguailar

Gwendolyn Alley

Gwendolyn Alley

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: galley@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 50600
Gabriel Arquilevich gabe arquilevich
Tree Bernstein

Sharon Beynon Sharon Beynon

David Carlander

Sonia Chumber

Lydia Cosentino  

Colleen Cosgrove


Chris Cryer

chris cryer

Kate Dickson-Lew

Kate Dickson-Lew

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: kdicksonLew@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 50562
  • cell: 805.652.0801

Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

Jocelyn Fechner


Jenna Garcia jennifer garcia
John Guelcher Photo of John Guelcher
  • Assistant Professor of English
  • email: jguelcher@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.289.6068
  • office: LRC 309

Ryan Harriston

Ryan Harriston


Henny Kim Henny Kim

Elizabeth Kraus

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: ekraus@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 50861
Sumita Lall sumita lall

Sheryl Leonard

Sheryl Leonard

Kathy Lawler


  • Instructor of English
  • email: klawler@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext.  51434

Wendy Lukomski

Wendy Lukomski

Amy Madsen  
Amanda Martin Amanda Martin
  • Associate Professor of English
  • email: amartin@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.289.6180
  • office: LRC 304
Joanne Martin  
Eric Martinsen Eric Martinsen

Elisa Meyer

John Millea


  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: jmillea@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 50124

Kristel Minnock

Kristel Minnock

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: kminnock@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 50967
  • cell: 805.890.3696
  • office: LRC 118

Christian Monte


Kianoosh Motaref

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email:  nmotaref@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 51064

Christine O'Neill

christine oneill

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: coneill@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779 ext. 50694
  • office: LRC 121
Kelly Peinado Kelly Peinado
Deborah Pollack Deborah Pollack

Marie Ramirez

Franky Ramirez


Randy Ringen

Lin Rolens


Kathryn Schoenrock  

Emily Spitler

Asher Sund

Asher Sund

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: asund@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 51158 (email preferred)
  • office: LRC 122
Deborah Ventura  
Jaclyn Walker Jaclyn Hardy Walker
  • Associate Professor of English
  • email: jwalker@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.289.6215
  • office: LRC 335

Vita Watkins


  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: vwatkins@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 51118

Irmgard Williams

Ann Wolfe

Ann Wolfe

Melinda Zeman

  • Adjunct Professor of English
  • email: mrush@vcccd.edu
  • phone: 805.652.7779, ext. 50783