Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee aids and advises both management and employees on matters of health and safety pertaining to college operations. Members discuss safety policies and provide recommendations, review accidents, discover unsafe conditions and practices, and provide recommendations for preventing future occurrences and/or correcting unsafe conditions. In addition, the Committee provides educational safety information for all staff, evaluates the progress of the college’s accident prevention efforts, and monitors facility inspections.


Student Health Center; Campus Police; Human Resources; Athletic Trainer; Health Sciences; Vice President of Business Services

Co-Chairs: Maintenance Supervisor and Coordinator, Student Health Center

2013-2014 Minutes:



 CCCR Agenda 091713 Minutes 091713 KeepSafe Connections 081913
10/15/13 1:30-3PM  CCCR Agenda 101513 Minutes 101513 Included in Minutes
11/19/13 1:30-3PM  CCCR Agenda 111913 Minutes 111913 Included in Minutes
01/21/14 1:30-3pm  CCCR Agenda 012114 Minutes 012114 Keenan Report Workers Compensation Review 2010-13
03/18/14 1:30-3PM  CCCR Agenda 031814 Minutes 031814 Shelter In Place Flyer
04/15/14 1:30- 3PM CCCR Agenda 041514 Minutes 041514

CDC Press Release 040314 re E-Cigarettes

Campus Safety and Health Concerns Form