The Curriculum Committee membership shall consist of voting faculty members (see below), representing instructional and counseling areas, one AFT representative, a librarian, the Articulation Officer and the Faculty Co-Chair. Non-voting members shall include the Recorder, the college Registrar, Chief Instructional Officer (who shall also serve as Co-Chair of the committee), ASVC President, and Academic Deans.

Selection of Representatives

The faculty members of the Curriculum Committee shall be nominated by their respective departments/units annually.

Curriculum Committee Co-Chair

Position Representative
Co-Chair, Vice President Academic Affairs Student Learning (non-voting)

Kimberly Hoffmans (Interim)

Co-Chair, Faculty (voting)
Articulation Officer (Interim)

Michael Bowen

Voting members  

Position(s) Representative
AFT Representative


Career & Technical Education Division


Debbie Newcomb

Athletics, Health, Kinesiology Division

Nancy Fredrickson

Raeann Koerner

Distance Education, Professional Development, Social Sciences & Humanities Division


David Young

English, Communications, Languages & Learning Resources Division


John Guelcher


Peter Sezzi

Math & Sciences Division

Chloe Branciforte

Jennifer Garner

Student Services Division

Tom Dalton

Lauren Wintermeyer

Technical Review Chair Ryan Petitfils

Non-Voting members

Position Representative
Assistant Dean Karen Englesen
Assistant Dean vacant
ASVC Representative Adrian Ponce
Dean Tim Harrison
Dean Dan Kumpf
Dean Gwendolyn Lewis-Huddleston
Dean Kathleen Schrader
Dean Lynn Wright
Instructional Data Specialist Nan Duangpun
Recorder/Curriculum Technician Katie Owashi
Registrar Arlene Reed