Student Conduct, Complaint & Grievance

If you have a concern and aren’t quite sure how to address it, you have come to the right place.

Ventura College has a “students first” mission in all facets of the student experience. Our goal is to provide wrap-around support. This webpage is designed as a guide for issues students experience that may require additional help. 

Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Students are protected against capricious, arbitrary, unreasonable, unlawful, false, malicious, or professionally inappropriate evaluations or behavior by a faculty member, a staff member, an administrator or an official of the College or another student. Student complaints may be classified as grievances and fall into one of three categories: Academic, Non-Academic, and Discrimination.

It is our charge to provide a prompt and equitable means of resolving student grievances. These procedures shall be available to any student who reasonably believes a Ventura College institutional decision or action has adversely affected his or her status, rights, or privileges as a student.

Here's How

The forms and procedures for academic and non-academic grievances are listed below and may be submitted to the front desk of the Office of Student Affairs located in Room 17 in the Administration Building. If you have any questions you may email us at or by phone (805) 289-6464.


Outreach Services

Spring 2022 High School Workshops

Ventura College Outreach Team is excited that you are interested in becoming a Pirate. We are available to guide high school students through the Ventura College application and next steps. We look forward to supporting you in becoming a student at Ventura College!

The workshops will be held Mondays from 11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.


To register for a Monday workshop, CLICK HERE


El Equipo de Alcance Comunitario del Colegio de Ventura está emocionado de que esté interesado en ser un pirata Del Colegio de Ventura. Estaremos disponibles para guiarlo a través de la solicitud de Ventura College y los próximos pasos. ¡Esperamos poder ayudarlo a convertirse en estudiante aquí en Ventura College!

Estos talleres se llevarán a cabo cada lunes de  11:30 a.m. a 1:00 p.m.


Lunes: Registró vía Zoom, CLIC AQUI


Services Provided

The Outreach Department facilitates enrollment access at Ventura College by providing:

  • Pre-admissions information and assistance to all prospective students and their families
  • Ensuring access to and knowledge of campus resources
  • Promoting academic, career and students services to all prospective students and the community
  • Coordinating community outreach events such as College and Career Fairs
  • Parent and Community Awareness Events
  • The Outreach Department also serves as the primary contact to Ventura County K-12 school districts, community groups and industries





Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations

Ventura College has over 20 active student organizations! Clubs provide students with opportunities to engage with classmates, gain valuable leadership experience, and work to achieve common goals, while developing social and professional relationships. Ventura College Student Clubs and organizations are crucial to the student experience on campus and consistently preparing and planning engaging student events and activities. .


Photo of ASVC Officers


Learn How to Join or Start a VC Club!

Student Activities Office



The Student Activities Office

The goal of the Student Activities Office is to provide opportunities for students and the College to expand and develop through a wide variety of activities and experiences. Student participation in the Student Activities Program comprises two major areas: governance and college activities. Within each, a wide spectrum of experiences are available to students. Program areas include but are not limited to: student activities and programs, the Associated Students of Ventura College (ASVC), student clubs and organizations, posting approval, use of facilities and services by student clubs and organizations, student photo identification cards, and student commencement.

For more information on student activities and programs visit the Associated Students of Ventura College (Student Government) homepage.

Ways to get involved in Student Life at Ventura College:


First Year Experience

With FYE you are VIP!

COVID-19 Update: Protecting the health and safety of student and employees is our top priority. FYE services are now  offered in person and remotely. If visiting the center, please follow the screening guidelines below. Face coverings and social distancing are required in the FYE center.  If you have any questions, please contact the FYE Office. 

Step 1: Download the MyVCCCD mobile app on your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can complete the Home Health Screening Online. If you don’t have an internet device, you can complete the pre-screening self-assessment on-site:  Ventura College Home Health Screening

Step 2: You may upload a picture of your vaccination card under “Report Vaccinations”. This is an option to verify your vaccination status.

Step 3: Please take the At Home Pre-Screening Survey. You will have to complete this every day BEFORE you come to campus. You may get a reminder daily to complete the screening, but you only have to perform the screening if you are coming to campus.

Step 4:  You will now receive a Health Pass.  To find the pass, go to the profile section, click on “Health & Wellness”, and then “My Health Pass”.

  • If you are RED, please stay at home. Students should contact their instructor and the Student Health Center. 
  • If you are BLUE or GREEN, you are cleared to come to campus to complete the screening process and receive a wristband indicating that you have been screened.

Location: Campus Student Center (CSC)
Phone: (805) 289-6438 | Email:

  • Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Benefits of Participating in FYE: 

Ventura College invites first-time college students to participate in First Year Experience Program (FYE).

  • Get a head start on your college education.
  • Year-long personal/academic support as you transition into college.
  • Introduction to student support services.
  • Create community by meeting other students.
  • Individualized academic/career counseling and guidance. 
  • Priority registration. 


The goal of FYE is to introduce new students to the expectations of higher education. Students will connect with campus resources designed to promote academic retention and success. FYE students will learn how to make informed decisions about their educational and career goals. This year-long program begins with our summer extended orientation. Students will learn to engage in the college experience, develop critical thinking skills to enhance academic success, and plan for a successful future at VC and beyond.


FYE Logo

MESA Program


Are You A Math, Engineering, or Science Major?

The Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Program serves to enrich the experience of students majoring in math, science, and engineering at Ventura College. We support financially disadvantaged and/or historically underrepresented students by providing a variety of services to equip MESA students with the skills and attitudes necessary for their successful transfer to a university. 

MESA works closely with industry partners and the University of California, California State University, the California Community Colleges, the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and the State Department of Education. MESA is nationally recognized for its innovative academic development program.


  • Enhance your educational experience while completing the first two years of a bachelor’s degree
  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Make friends who have similar academic and career interests
  • Develop a close relationship with faculty members
  • Develop and improve your academic leadership skills
  • Raise your educational expectations
  • Link with student and professional organizations to enhance your personal and professional development

Why Attend the Speaker Series?

  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Increase your industry network
  • Develop a close relationship with professionals
  • Link with student and professional organizations to enhance your personal and professional development

Fall MESA Speakers Series:

Join Zoom Meeting
Speaker Series 3
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 986 7870 8661


    Speaker Series 1


    Behavioral Intervention Care Team




    The VC Behavior & Intervention Care Team helps keep our community healthy and safe. You are an important member of the team. Your reports allow the team to reach out to individuals and provide appropriate intervention and support. With your help, the team is better able to keep the campus a safe environment in which students, faculty and staff may live, study and work.


    If you are reporting an immediate threat to self or others, call 911.

    Our focus is care and concern for students, faculty, and staff members who may be in distress. We coordinate resources and implement a centralized response, with the goals of providing assistance to the individual and keeping our community healthy and safe.

    What is a BICT Team?

    A behavioral & intervention care team (BICT) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is meeting regularly to support its target audience (students, employees, faculty, staff) via an established protocol. The team tracks “red flags” over time, detecting patterns, trends, and disturbances in individual or group behavior. The team receives reports of disruptive, problematic, or concerning behavior or misconduct (from co-workers, community members, friends, colleagues, etc), conducts an investigation, performs a threat assessment, and determines the best mechanisms for support, intervention, warning/notification, and response. The team then deploys its resources, and the resources of the community, and coordinates follow-up. The BICT Team is a concept originally designed not as a response to campus shootings and violence, but as a proactive way to address the growing need in the college and university community for a centralized, coordinated, caring, developmental intervention for those in need, prior to crisis.

    The BICT Team at Ventura College:

    • Leticia Canales, Co-Chair, Dean of Student Services
    • Ms. Mary Jones, Co-Chair, Student Health Center
    • Lt. Mike Palloto, VCCCD Police Department
    • Mr. Andrew Nelson, LCSW
    • Ms. Lucy Capuano, Psychology Faculty
    • Mr. Steven Turner, ADA Faculty Specialty

    **Other individuals may be pulled in on an as needed basis




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