In response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have moved our classes to online/virtual platforms. We are providing students with as much information and resources as possible as we navigate through these changes. Although our campus is currently closed to students and the public, we continue to be available to help you with the transition. You can reach us by email, phone, and online to get the information you need. Please visit this page for the latest information about Ventura College's response to COVID-19. Click on any of the links below for division specific information. If you don't see your questions answered, contact us here or call our Welcome Center at (805) 289-6000.

Para combatir  COVID-19 (coronavirus), hemos trasladado nuestras clases a plataformas en línea / virtuales. Estamos brindando a los estudiantes tanta información y recursos como sea posible mientras respondemos a estos cambios. Aunque nuestro campus actualmente está cerrado a los estudiantes y al público, seguimos disponibles para ayudarlo con la transición. Puede comunicarse con nosotros por correo electrónico, teléfono y en línea para obtener la información que necesita. Visite esta página para obtener la información más reciente sobre la respuesta de Ventura College a COVID-19. Si no ve una respuesta a sus preguntas, contáctenos aquí o llame a nuestro Centro de Bienvenida (Welcome Center) al (805) 289-6000.

On-Campus Classes and Events

Question: Are my classes still taking place on campus?
Answer: There are no in-person classes taking place at Ventura College from March 16 through the end of the Spring semester. This includes all lecture-based courses, labs, physical activity, and performance-based classes. However, your classes will continue to have online/virtual assignments and requirements that you are responsible for – if you have not heard from your professor yet, please contact them directly. If you’ve reached out but haven’t heard back, please contact our Welcome Center at (805) 289-6000. Additionally, the 2020 summer session will consist exclusively of online/virtual instruction classes.

For questions regarding summer session, please call VC Counseling to schedule an appointment to discuss required coursework for the program of study or questions about registration or pre-requisites. 

Question: I need help with online learning, who can I contact?

If you are struggling, please don’t give up! There are many people and resources that can help you with transitioning to online learning. First, please contact your instructor by email to ask questions on how to stay up to date and succeed in your class. For technical help and general support for online learning, you can also contact the Distance Education Student Support Desk:

Phone: (805) 289-6452
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-8:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am-4:00 pm (subject to change)

There is also a help desk for Canvas Technical Support that is available 24/7 (including nights and weekends): (844) 303-4505

For more information about support for online learning please visit Distance Education Student Orientations page

Question: When will classes resume?
Answer: Classes and services for the remainder of Spring semester 2020 will all take place in virtual/online formats. All Summer 2020 summer classes will be online/virtual as well. No classes will physically take place on campus from March 16 through the end of the Summer 2020 session. To help us provide you with additional updates, we highly suggest that all students and employees update their emergency contact information. See instructions down below under “resources.” 

Question: Will graduation ceremonies be canceled?
Answer: Yes. Unfortunately, all commencements and other recognition ceremonies have been canceled. We’re looking into some alternative options and will update you later. Students who submitted petitions for Spring graduation and complete their Spring 2020 courses will continue to receive their certificates and degrees, and be eligible for transfer to four-year universities upon acceptance by a university. 

Ventura College is exploring alternative options. Stay tuned for more information. 

Question: Is the Ventura College campus open to visit?
Answer: No. Although classes and services are continuing online/virtually, the Ventura College campus is not open to students or the public from Tuesday, March 17th through Friday, April 10th (the end of Spring break). But our employees are still here to help you so please call or email us. We’ll update you again closer to Spring break.

Question: Is the Child Development Center closed?
Answer: Yes. Our Child Development Center is closed from March 17 through April 10 at this time. We’ll assess the situation and be in contact with parents/guardians closer to April 10. 

Question: Is Spring Break still happening?
Answer: Yes. Spring Break is still scheduled from Monday, April 6 - Friday, April 10. Please practice safe social distancing during your break. 

Question: Are there still events planned on campus?
Answer: No. All Ventura College events have been canceled at this time.

Question: Will summer classes still take place?
Answer: Yes. At this point, the 2020 summer session will only include online/virtual instruction.

Student Services

Question: I'm feeling anxious and stressed about everything that's going on. With the Student Health Center no longer open on campus, can I still call them?
Answer: Yes. If you have medical questions or need mental health services, you can call our Student Health Center at 805-289-6346, email them at, or visit them online. If you have a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911. Here are some additional resources:

  • Ventura County Behavioral Health Crisis Team: 866-998-2243
  • Didi Hirsch 24-hour Suicide Hotline: 877-727-4747
  • USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Tele-Mental Health
  • Text "Courage" to 741741 for FREE 24/7 for mental health support. 

Question: I know your offices are closed but I really need to speak with someone (like a counselor, librarian, financial aid expert, etc.). How can I contact them?
Answer: Although our campus is closed, we are here to help! Please call, email, or visit our student services offices online so they can help you remotely. Here’s some contact info: 

Question: What if I need help with an assignment or research paper?
Answer: Librarian services are still available. You can contact them at 805-289-6482, email them at, or visit them online

Question: I just completed my 2019-2020 financial aid requirements, will I receive financial aid?
Answer: It is extremely important that once all requirements are completed, you monitor your portal weekly for updates on your status. If eligible, an award notification will be emailed to your account after a review of your file process is completed. 

Question: Is it too late to apply for financial aid?
Answer: No. Financial aid applications can be completed up until June 30, 2020. We strongly encourage you to apply today!

Question: Can I use my financial aid to purchase a computer/laptop?
Answer: Yes. Your financial aid can be used to purchase a computer to help you with your educational needs.

Question: Is there financial aid available to me if I lose my job or income due to the coronavirus closures?
Answer: Yes. The Financial Aid Office can assist you with your financial aid application or help you identify additional resources that may be available to you.

Question: Will I have to repay my financial aid if I stop attending school, completely withdraw, or fail all of my classes this semester?
Answer: If you stop attending VC, completely withdraw, or fail all of your courses you may not be eligible for the full amount of financial aid funds that you were originally scheduled to receive.

The Financial Aid Office will determine the amount of aid you have “earned” and/or the amount you may owe.  See Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4))for more information.

Question: With the library closed, what can I do to access the internet?
Answer: Comcast and Spectrum are offering two months of free internet to households with students as classes are moving online. Click here to learn more. You can also call our campus library for additional tips at 805-289-6382. 

Question: Is the food pantry still open?
Answer: Contact 805-289-6583 or to speak with a representative of our Basic Needs Center for updates on food distribution and referral to community food pantries. If someone does not answer, please leave a message with your contact information and we’ll get back to you soon. 

Question: Now that I can't visit campus to use the EAC’s proctoring room, how do I get extra time for my tests?
Answer: Reach out to your professor and remind them you’re an EAC student - they will increase your testing time based on the verification letter you gave them at the beginning of the semester. If you or your professor needs clarification, please call 805-289-6300 or email us at

Question: How can I get tutoring help now?
Answer: Tutoring is offered online with ConferZoom  Online Tutoring | Ventura College. Student can also access online tutoring services through NetTutor by clicking here. If you have any additional questions the Tutoring Center may also be contacted via email at: or by phone (805) 289-6026.

Question: I bring my books to the EAC to access audiobooks and other Alternate Media. How will I do this now?
Answer: Email Cathy Mundy at or by phone at (805) 289-6104.

General Questions

Question: Will this affect my grade?
Answer: No. If you’re in touch with your professors and following all of their instructions and updates, you’ll still receive the grade you earn.

Question: Will I still graduate?
Answer: Yes – if you’re still meeting all the requirements for your certificate or degree, and you applied for graduation, you’ll still be graduating. That’s part of why we’re moving our classes online. If you have any additional questions, contact a counselor.

Question: What if I’ve never taken an online class before?
Answer: Ventura College provides many resources and tutorials on how to use Canvas, the platform for online classes. Learn more here. Additionally, the California Community College system provides an extensive database of resources here.

Question: Will registration for summer and fall classes continue?
Answer: Yes, registration for summer and fall classes will continue. We have delayed that registration date to April 20th. Check your MyVCCCD student portal for your assigned registration date. Please call the counseling office at (805) 289-6448 or the Admissions and Records office at (805) 289-6457 if you need help or have questions.

Question: I’m a student worker. Will I still get paid?
Answer: Yes. Whether working on-site or remotely from home, all student workers and peer mentors will continue to get paid for normal work hours from March 16 - April 10, when we will reassess the situation on campus. Please be in touch with your supervisor regarding specific work projects and assignments. This applies to Federal Work-Study student workers as well. 

Question: I do not have a laptop for online courses, what can I do?
Answer: We have a limited number of VC Emergency Grants to help. Learn more here

Question: What happens if I am unable to continue attending school?
Answer: We strongly recommend you talk with your instructor(s) before you withdraw from your classes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 805-289-6369 so we can discuss how this will affect your current and/or future financial aid eligibility. Lastly, we recommend you speak to your academic counselor and the Admissions and Records Office at 805-289-6457 to discuss any alternatives that may be available.

General Health Information

Question: Has there been an outbreak of COVID-19 at Ventura College?
Answer: No. Fortunately, there are no known cases of the virus at Ventura College. 

Question: How do I know if I’m sick and what should I do if I’m not feeling well?
Answer: If you’re not feeling well, please avoid public places and contact your primary care provider or clinic. If you begin feeling any flu-like symptoms (like a fever, cough, or shortness of breath), contact your local emergency room. Our Student Health Center is available for phone evaluations. Meanwhile, be sure to email your professor and keep them updated. It is generally advised that you not spend time in public spaces until you’ve gone at least 24 hours without a fever (and that 24 hours should also be without the help of any fever-reducing medication).


Question: How do I update my Emergency Alerts contact information?

For students - 1) Students may update their ALERTS information on the MyVCCCD portal. 2) Once you are in the portal, click the MyCollege tab then click on Maintain Emergency Alert Information. 3) On the next screen, click on Maintain Emergency Alert Information and update your info there. 

For employees - 1) Employees may update their ALERTS information on the MyVCCCD portal, 2) Go to MyVCCCD portal, 3) Visit the Work Life tab - click on Personal Information, 4) On the next screen, click on Maintain Emergency Alert Information and update your info. 

Question: Can I get FREE Internet and hotspots?
Answer: Yes. Comcast is offering Wi-Fi for 2 months to qualifying families. Additionally, access to all of their Xfinity hotspots is free to the public at this time. More on Comcast's offer and Xfinity hotspots is available here or call 1-844-488-8395. Also, Charter/Spectrum is providing free internet access. AT&T is offering open hotspots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10 monthly plans to qualifying families. And finally, Sprint is also allowing all phones to enable hotspots for 60 days at no charge. 

All phone providers will waive late fees, not cut off service due to lack of payment, and open hot spots for internet access. This agreement was crafted by the Federal Communications Commission. 

Xfinity WiFi Public Hotspots: All Xfinity WiFi Public Hotspots are now open to everyone on the “xfinitywifi” SSID. Public hotspots can be found in small/medium businesses and outdoors in commercial areas. For more information on available public hotspots visit   You can find them by doing a search for “public hotspots” and then the page below should appear.  Type in an area code and several locations will come up.  Of course the outside locations that will allow you to stay in your car are probably your safest option.

Question: How can I get access to textbooks?

Answer: RedShelf is offering students access to 7 free eBooks from participating publishers through May 25 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Log on to your Canvas account to access the Redshelf Responds APP from within Canvas.

Question: Are the unemployment or State Disability Offices Open?
Answer: State Disability Insurance offices are currently closed until further notice. For the fastest service, access your claim information or file a claim online through SDI Online. You can also contact EDD representatives at 1-800-480-3287 for Disability Insurance or 1-877-238-4373 for Paid Family Leave, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Question: How can I file an unemployment insurance claim online now? 
Answer: Unemployment Insurance is an employer-funded program that provides partial income replacement when you become unemployed or have your work hours reduced and meet all eligibility requirements. This California website will help guide you through the claim filing process.   

What else should I be doing?

  1. Remember to keep an eye out for emails from faculty, the college or Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD).
  2. Keep taking regular precautions to avoid getting sick. Wash your hands, avoid being around people who are sick, avoid touching your face, cough/sneeze into your arm, and wipe down regularly-touched objects and surfaces with disinfecting wipes and sprays.
  3. The California Community College system has a helpful FAQs page for students in English and Spanish. They have another FAQs page for staff. Take a look at these helpful pages.
  4. There’s always more information to follow at the Ventura County Public Health office and the VCCCD alerts page. There’s also this helpful compilation of county, education, and public health resources.