What is D2L?

Desire2Learn (D2L) Learning Environment is a learning management system that enables you to access course material online. There are a number of learning tools within the system that course content is contained in.


Accessing your courses


Before accessing your courses for the first time, be sure to view the section on Getting Started.

There are three ways to access your online courses in the Desire2Learn system.

  1. Via the MyVCCCD web portal.
    • After logging into MyVCCCD, click the "My Courses" icon at the top-right of the page:
      My Courses
    • Click on the name of a course to enter the Course Home within the Desire2Learn system.
      (Note: If you don't see your courses for the current semester, confirm that the "Course Schedule for:" drop-down menu is displaying the correct term).
  2. Directly at https://d2l.vcccd.edu
  3. Via a Mobile Device at https://d2l.vcccd.edu/d2l/m/login