ALAS 2016 Summit November 4th Ventura College

ALAS Cooperative Grant 2016 Summit

FREE Event for Faculty
Hosted by Ventura College
Friday, November 4th, 8:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m.
Breakfast and Lunch are provided.
Held at Ventura College, ASC (applied science center, all rooms)

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More information:

  • ALAS stands for Aligning Learning and Academic Success
  • This is our 2nd Summit of this 5 year Cooperative Grant
  • The Grant is designed to link Faculty across the campuses of
    • California State University Channel Islands
    • Ventura College
    • Oxnard College
    • Moorpark College
    • Santa Barbara City College

Faculty participating in this grant come together from all colleges in a Faculty Fellows Program. This program is designed to develop like-minded teams to learn about, design, and implement collaborative based High Impact Practices that increase Student Success for Transfer to Universities. Together the faculty participating with this grant develop and implement strategies and learning experiences that enhance their students experiences. There is compensation in multiple manners for those that apply and are selected to participate as a Faculty Fellow.

Join us at the 2016 Summit and:

  • Learn about what has taking place in this shared experience.
  • Learn new ideas to bring to your students.
  • Learn about how you can get involved and become a future Faculty Fellow.
  • Enjoy good food and conversations with your colleagues from Ventura College and all Participating Colleges.
  • Participating faculty will be presenting their experiences, and ideas that are placing High Impact Practices into their students learning experience.
  • Students are learning about Transfer to University as well.
  • Exciting work is taking place. You won’t want to miss this innovative and inspiring experience.
  • For a full agenda and to learn more about the ALAS Grant Faculty Fellows program go to the Ventura College ALAS Grant Web Site.

Be sure to check out the New and Exciting Ventura College Faculty Fellows Program!

Join us, and get involved!

Compensation opportunities are included!