Basic Skills Advisory

The Basic Skills Advisory monitors college compliance with portions of Accreditation Standard IIA, and develops, recommends, coordinates strategies to help Ventura College students successfully acquire the basic skills necessary to succeed in college-level coursework.  This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • developing and implementing a plan to oversee the state basic skills funding dollars;
  • serving as central forum for campus dialog on the topic of basic skills;
  • seeking out and sharing effective practices developed at Ventura College and elsewhere;
  • assisting in identification and acquisition of necessary resources to enhance basic skills courses.

The faculty Co-Chair of the Basic Skills Advisory serves as a member of the Accreditation Steering Advisory. 


Steven Turner, Lynn Wright, Heather Aguailar, Jenna Garcia, Jack Bennett, Victoria Nielsen, Karen Harrison, Erica Ruiz, Eric Martinsen, Erika Hurtado, Lydia Morales, Saliha Sha, Leslie Herrera

​2017 - 2018 Meetings

Date Location/Time Agenda Minutes Handouts
September 11, 2017 LRC-125, 3:30pm-4:30pm      
October 2, 2017 LRC-125, 3:30pm-4:30pm      
November 6, 2017 LRC-125, 3:30pm-4:30pm      
December 4, 2017 LRC-125, 3:30pm-4:30pm      
February 5, 2018 LRC-125, 3:45pm-4:45pm      
March 5, 2018 LRC-125, 3:45pm-4:45pm      
April 2, 2018 LRC-125, 3:45pm-4:45pm      
May 7, 2018 LRC-125, 3:45pm-4:45pm