Career Assessments

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Assessments are a crucial part of successfully navigating toward a career. These personalized tests are meant to clarify your interests, values, personality, and your skills relative to occupations and careers. Many assessment tools can be found in career exploration websites, but the assessments below may be particularly useful!     

There are different kinds of assessments that can meet your individualized needs and deciding on the type of assessment that best fits your situation may be difficult unless the proper research is done. The Taking Career Assessments (PDF version) guide below can provide a framework for understanding how to choose and take assessments.

For questions about career assessments please feel free to contact the Career Center (805) 289-6473.

Assessments now available through the Ventura College Career Center


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI is an assessment that will help the individual identify job families and occupations that are good fits for your MBTI personality type.  It can help identify occupational categories, assist in the selection of a college major, and help identify personality preferences, strengths and potential challenges for your career.

Before taking the MBTI assessment, read  the following frame of mind directions and answer the questions using this perspective, which will increase the validity of your results. 

The MBTI assessment will present you with pairs of opposites to choose from.  As you read each pair, think of what you prefer when you are not expected or pressured to behave in a particular way to meet the requirements of the various roles you play (professional, parent, friend, daughter, etc). Which most appeals to you, sounds easiest, maybe even gives you a feeling of relief when you read it?  Keep in mind as you read each pair, that your environment (work, culture, home, etc.) could have led you to develop skills in both sides of a pair, resulting in you not knowing which to choose because you DO both, maybe even with near equal skill. If you face this internal struggle with any pair, say to yourself “if I could design my life exactly to my liking, and the roles I play disappeared for just a moment, which one sounds easiest or would take less energy?” This is most likely your natural preference.

STRONG Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory instrument is based on the idea that individuals are more satisfied and productive when they work in jobs or at tasks that they find interesting and when they work with people whose interests are similar to their own. Your interests are compare to thousands of individuals who report being happy and successful in their jobs.  Your personalized report identifies your optimum career choices based on your interests and includes additional related occupations with concise job descriptions.


  • Please contact the Transfer & Career Center when you’ve completed these assessments to set up an appointment to go over the results with a counselor!
  • There is no time limit, but the average time to complete each test is 30 to 45 minutes.

Step by Step Instructions

  • You are invited to complete one or more online assessments. Please follow these steps:
  • Click on this link: Elevate Login
  • Complete the brief registration information (or log in if you have previously registered for the Elevate platform).
  • Complete the demographic survey (if applicable).
  • Complete The assessment(s)
  • Contact Career/Transfer Center (805) 289-6473 for an appointment to go over your results


Ventura College also has available a Career Exploration Program called Eureka. This program offers career exploration, career assessments and information on obtaining the skills you need for a new career. You can also locate colleges, universities, and trade schools that match your unique needs and career goals.

Step 1: Set up a user account. For first time users, visit and click Create Account.

Step 2: Under Student/Client, enter this User Site ID Code: ZJWNWCO

Step 3: Use the site ID code ONCE to create a new user account. Thereafter, the code is no longer needed. 

Taking Career Assessments

Assessments are tools to help you explore yourself. They can be based on your skills, interests, values or other traits. These traits are then matched to a broad list of careers. Assessments are key to successful career exploration, they are the first step in finding the careers that fit you best. Use the resources below to find career assessments. Not all assessments are the same, so it's important to consider the following before using one

  1. Assessments can help you consider things about yourself, such as your interests, skills and values; suggest occupations and majors to explore; provide a framework for meaningful conversations with your career or academic counselor.
  2. Assessments cannot come up with your perfect, best-fit career or major. Only you can do that, through a variety of experience.
  3. It is a good idea to take more than one assessment, rather than just one. This will assist you in looking at yourself in different ways. Each assessment is pulling information with different criteria. This will allow you to compare the results, look for patterns and themes, and/or similar career fields.
  4. Assessments are about exploring who YOU are. There are no right or wrong answers. You will not be graded. These are simply tools that give you a way to look at yourself.
  5. Not every assessment suggested will appeal to you. Take a variety of assessments to increase your chances of engaging in a process of self-exploration that will fit you best.
  6. As you do an assessment, be honest with yourself. Respond according to how you really are, not how you think you should be or how others think you should be. Don’t try to predetermine the results of the test. Genuine responses that fit you will give more accurate recommendations and results. Answering even a few questions inaccurately may give you unclear results.
  7. Assessments do not measure your future skills or knowledge, attitude or motivation.
  8. Assessments can help you explore who you are and help give you ideas.