Ventura College Foundation Scholarship Program

The Ventura College Foundation Scholarship cycle for 2018/2019 scholarships is now closed. Updates for the 2019/2020 cycle to come soon. 


  • Currently enrolled Ventura College students who will have completed 12 units at Ventura College by the end of Fall 2017 (Units at OC and MC may not be counted towards Ventura College Foundation Scholarships)

  • If a student is not enrolled at VC currently, applications will be considered for approved situations (all units completed and on waiting list for the nursing program, took a semester abroad, or special circumstances)

  • If you wish to be considered for scholarships based on financial need, you must complete a FAFSA application

  • High school students are NOT eligible for Ventura College Foundation scholarships. (Only the VC Promise)



  • Complete all application questions

  • Submit copy of current transcripts

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation; 1 from a VC instructor, and the other may be from another instructor, or a supervisor/manager from volunteering or work

  • 2 short essays; a) Educational/Career goals, b) Community Service/Volunteering, Family Responsibilities, Extracurricular School Activities, and Work Responsibilities



Ventura College Foundation scholarships are intended to assist students currently enrolled at Ventura College for academic excellence. Students transferring from Ventura College to a university are also eligible to apply. Our generous donors have established many criteria to provide students with a variety of scholarships. Some scholarships include the following criteria:

  • VENTURA COUNTY RESIDENCY- Santa Paula; Saticoy; City of Ventura Westside residents; Ventura County residents past two years.
  • HIGH SCHOOL - Graduate of any high school in the City of Ventura.
  • EDUCATION AND TEACHING FIELD - Planning a career in bilingual education; Plan to teach K-12; Plan on teaching English; Plan to teach learning disabled students.
  • NURSING - Currently on the 'wait list' for the VC Nursing Program; Accepted into the VC Nursing Program; Currently enrolled in the VC Nursing Program:  NS 10 - NS 20 - NS 30 - NS 40; Currently a member of the VCSNA.
  • GREEN TECHNOLOGY - Areas of study:  Automotive Technology, Water Science, Construction Technology  or Architecture Drafting.
  • OTHER OPPORTUNITIES - Child or Grandchild of a Ventura College Classified employee; Member of Ventura College Athletics Program:  Aquatics,  Basketball, Golf, Track or other;  Music Major ; Career in Photography; Biology Major:  Planning career teaching or performing research in basic biology or Environmental Biology; Participation in the Boys & Girls Club of Ventura; Career in Physical Education or Sports Therapy;  Art Major, Business Major; Math Major; Single Parents; Hispanic or Latino Heritage; Black or African-American Heritage; qualify for Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGW) and completed 24 units.

If you have any questions fill out and submit our contact form.

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