At Ventura College we are committed to helping students learn to become better writers. As part of this, we have started to use Turnitin’s plagiarism detection tools. The proper use of Turnitin can add a tremendous value to students’ learning and help instructors know best how to assist their students in the learning and writing process. Turnitin Usage Reminders  

Turnitin Instructor Quick Start

Training Documents

Originality Check

What is an Originality Report?


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Creating an Assignment in D2L.

  • Turnitin is integrated into your D2L Assignment Tool functionality. 

Plagarism 101 Resources

Plagarism Advice

  • aims to showcase innovative approaches to addressing plagiarism and best practice from members of the academic community.

Education Tips on Preventing Plagarism

  • What is plagarism and how to prevent it?