New Media Gallery Empoderamienta: The Art of Latina Artists RECEPTION

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 6:30pm

Empoderamienta: The Art of Latina Artists

On Exhibit March 14 - April 19
Opening Reception, Thursday, March 14 6:30 - 8:30 pm

This exhibition explores the art of Latin American women artists with an emphasis on the art object as a form of cultural, artistic, and social expression. The exhibition also explores the historic and artistic constructs of women artists in Latin America, who re-created themselves as beguiling personalities, posed uneasily between the worlds of artifice (art) and nature, or even the underlying essential of an instinctual life.

Beginning in the modern era, the art of Latin America and Mexico is complex, yet filled with optimism in the search for a cultural identity. Shaking off the European academic model, Latin American artists were searching for autonomy; indigenism; cultural and political freedom; nationalism; and the role of the artist in the paradigms of history. As a visual vocabulary, the exhibition examines the pictorial choices that women artists working in and of Latin America and Mexico have chosen to explore in their art. Whether the focus or subject matter depicted are ideologies, revolutions, breaking the boundaries, adversities, fantasies, the fashioning and navigation of identities: the exhibition explores Latina artists in their quest to negotiate and disconnect the concept of women as muse—as magic objects and sites, and thus project an internalized and externalized vision of woman.

Curator: Ann H. Bittl

Ventura College
New Media Gallery
Studio Arts Building
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