Team VRC Staff (2022-23)

My name is Matthew Sanchez, and I served 2 years in the United States Army as a MIA1 Abrams main battle tank crewman. I first began taking art classes at Ventura College and eventually sculpting with clay, wood, and stone became a hobby. Working in art was therapeutic for me because I sustained a severe head injury while in the Army. It took some time to adjust and live with these conditions, I now want to help others with disabilities.

Besides working at VRC, in assisting veterans, I am also involved with activities at the Brain Injury Center of Ventura County. I am currently taking classes to not only get an Associate’s degree in Arts but also in Sociology and Psychology. I currently attend Cal State University Channel Islands and I am working on a Bachelors degree in Sociology. I would like to have a job where I can help service-connected veterans.