The primary goal of our new Reading and Writing Center is to target the needs of students who are having difficulty with their reading and writing assignments and to serve students who are taking (or have yet to take) developmental courses in reading and writing. Students sometimes skip taking their required Language Arts courses and jump right into coursework in other programs and disciplines, perhaps thinking that these other courses will not demand as much from them in terms of reading and writing. This is a myth because most courses rely heavily on one or the other set of skills, if not both. Faculty at VC have participated in workshops in which they have shared their mutual belief that reading and writing are necessary skills in all programs and disciplines. Therefore, the faculty and staff involved in launching this center thought it was important to open up the contest to all students because the skills we are trying to target are not exclusive to English, Reading, EAC and ESL.

The point of having a logo is to make the center easy to find for those in need of help on campus, and so the judges of the contest were interested in designs that could incorporate the center's focus on improving reading and writing skills in developmental Language Arts classes and across the curriculum on our campus. The judges were very happy to see such a wide selection of logo entries that contained straightforward or easily identifiable images and were also symbolic of the center's focus, and this web page features those entries for your perusal. After careful deliberation, the judges selected Martin Sosa as the winner and awarded him his monetary prize. Martin submitted two entries, but the judges selected his first logo as the winning entry because of its innovative approach to the center's main goal and the striking effect of his design.

Dr. Sumita Lall

Voice Article by Angela Braza

Submitted Entries

Reading and Writing Center Logo Contest Winner

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