Assessment is one of the critical steps of the Student Equity and Achievement Program (S.E.A Program). The Assessment Office at Ventura College helps students start on a successful pathway in college. It is important that students take the classes for which they are academically prepared. Placement is designed to help determine the appropriate levels of courses that students need to take in mathematics, English, or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Additionally, the Assessment Office provides Ability to Benefit Testing services to determine eligibility for financial aid for students with neither a high school diploma nor a GED Certificate.

Already know your placement and are ready for the NEXT STEP? Make an appointment with a Counselor to create your Student Education Plan (SEP) and ask questions about course(s) selection and degree requirements.

  • The online orientation and assessment requirement must be completed before meeting with a counselor.

Visit the Counseling Department website for contact information and office hours.