Assessment is a component of the Student Equity and Achievement Program. The Assessment Office at Ventura College provides assessment services to help students determine appropriate placement into English, math and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Placement into math and English courses is determined primarily by high school performance (grade point average and courses taken). Placement into E.S.L. courses is determined through a written exam with an oral component.

Additionally, the Assessment Office provides Ability to Benefit Testing services to determine eligibility for financial aid for students with neither a high school diploma nor a GED Certificate.

The Assessment Office is located in the Campus Center Building. For office hours, please visit  Assessment Office Hours.  For further information please contact the Assessment Office by telephone at (805) 289-6402, or by email at

Already know your placement and ready for the NEXT STEP? Contact Counseling to setup an appointment with a counselor to develop your educational plan, and prepare to register for classes!