Student Success and Support Program (formerly Matriculation)

The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) supports the transition of students into the college by providing services including orientation, assessment and placement, counseling/advising/educational planning, and follow-up services that are intended to increase student access and academic success.

  1. Orientation - Learn about our academic programs, resources available to students, financial aid assistance, and more. 
  2. Assessment - Provides assessment services to help students determine appropriate placement into English and math classes through placement tests, evaluation of external course work, evaluation of other colleges’ assessment test scores, evaluation of other types of test instruments and scores, and other multiple measures.
  3. Counseling - Provides advising and/or other educational planning services culminating in the development of an abbreviated and/or comprehensive student educational plan, identification of the student’s educational goal, and course of study.
  4. Follow-Up - Various support services designed to keep students on track with their educational goals, such as First Year Experience and Pirates Cove.