Student Testimonials


Photo of Jacob Alonso

I've been in VC for 3 years, despite the support system I struggled to obtain good grades. This semester I got the opportunity to experience the Cove program for the first time and I obtained my highest semester gpa ever. I attribute my success to the Pirates Cove, it has made a significant difference in my educational achievement.  It's been an invaluable support system. The program is tailored so that it can fit my learning needs and allows me to learn in an environment that allows me to focus and strive to succeed and still get the moral support, encouragement, and motivation.

-Jacob Alonso

Photo of Natasha Delgado

My name is Natasha Delgado and the Pirates Cove has provided me with comfort and stability. I haven't attended school since 2014 and having the Pirates Cove with the services they provide has made my transition so easy.  I now have a better understanding for time management and preparing for the upcoming weeks of classes.   In addition the Cove staff helped walked me over to several important student services offices on campus where I received great care.   The VC Pirates Cove staff are very understanding and they put me in the best position to be successful.

-Natasha Delgado

Photo of Miranda Rodriguez

My name is Miranda Rodriguez and I am a student athlete at Ventura college. I have had an awesome experience of running on the track team for Ventura college as well as Chase after my academic goals. I grew up in Oxnard and Camarillo. I chose Ventura college because it was the better choice financially for me and my family and I am so glad I did!  My goals and dreams are to travel the world and become an archeologist. Right now I am considering archeology programs at University of Chicago, UCSD, UCLA. The VC Pirates Cove has provided a comfortable and safe place for me to talk with faculty advisors about my aspirations and goals. I have also been in the cove quite a lot this semester for Spanish, and anthropology homework assignments. I appreciate the access to computers and find printing services very helpful. I plan to use the cove next semester as I pursue my last year in college before I set out for my education at a four-year university. Ventura college has provided me with supportive teachers and faculty who have been helpful and support me in my goals in life and push me to succeed.

- Miranda Rodriguez


My name is Christine Comstock, I use the Pirates Cove as a resource on a regular basis. It has been an awarding and positive experience. Besides the tutoring center this is where I receive the most help, I am an older student who lacks computer skills. Everyone who works in the Pirates Cove has helped me through the struggles of technology. With the help and patience of the Pirates Cove mentors I have become a more productive and confident student.

-Christine Comstock