Welcome Veterans and Thank You For Your Service!

Financial Aid at the Veterans Resource Center

   ​Contact Shasta Hanson 805-289-6575 or

Get help applying for Financial Aid  (FAFSA)

  • One on one help submitting your FAFSA 
  • Obtain/ link tax information from IRS
  • Order tax return transcripts or W2s
  • Complete Financial Aid verification documents

Get help if you have experienced a change in student/spouse income

  • Review your financial aid application for special financial circumstances due to changes in income
  • Loss of income due to separation from military, loss of employment or change in employment
  • Change in income during 2017 or 2018

Get help with with your SAP Appeal

  • Assistance with Financial Aid Appeals due to GPA, Unit Completion, Maximum Time Frame
  • Get help with your application questions

Get Help with your Bank Mobile Vibe account

  • Review your Financial Aid disbursements
  • Set up/ make changes to your Bank Mobile Vibe Account





If you are a current or former veteran and would like more information about Financial Aid at Ventura College, please contact:



Shasta Hanson

Financial Aid Specialist

 Phone: 805-289-6575