Assistive Technology Training Center

The Assistive Technology Training Center (ATTC)  program provides instruction in computer access to students with a broad range of disabilities, using the latest assistive technology available (both hardware and software).  Students learn to use such access strategies as screen readers/speech synthesizers, voice-recognition systems alternate keyboards, specialized multi-sensory word processing programs, mouse alternatives, and other assistive hardware and software appropriate to their learning needs.  Ventura College has implemented Universal Design of Learning principles using many assistive technology tools for (all) students as well as those with disabilities throughout campus.

Assistive Computer Technology (ACT) Classes Offered

  • ACT V01:  Evaluation
  • ACT V02:  ACT Keyboarding
  • ACT V03:  ACT Access to Computers (MS Office)
  • ACT V05:  ACT for Internet (email, web research, site design)
  • ACT V08:  ACT Spelling Skills
  • ACT V25:  ACT Writing Skills