Application Process

1.  Students new to the Ventura Community College District must first complete the college application.  The application can be accessed on-line at  Hard copies of the application are available in the EAC office.  EAC staff can assist you with completing and entering the application.  To complete the application you will need your social security number, date and location of high school graduation, address information for at least the prior two years, residency card for students who are not U.S. citizens, and parent or guardian information for students under 19 years of age.  When the application is complete, you will be provided with a 900 student ID number, which you will need for further transactions at the college.

2.  Take the Math and English placement tests.  EAC staff can help you schedule the tests and make arrangements for extended time or other appropriate accommodations.

3.  Make an appointment with an EAC counselor at (805)289-6300.  You will need to provide your 900 student ID number in order to make an appointment.  Notify the person making the appointment that you are a new student.  On the day of your appointment, please bring your 900 number, a photo ID, and documentation to verify your disability, such as a report from your doctor or an IEP.  If you do not have documentation, please bring the name, address, phone and FAX number of the doctor or other professional who can verify your disability.

4.  The counselor will complete the Student Educational Contract with you which will authorize appropriate accommodations based on the educational limitations caused by your disability.  The counselor can also provide you with academic advising regarding which classes to take based on your educational goals.

5.  Complete an Add/Drop slip for the classes you want to take.  EAC staff can enter your registration for you.  Or you can register on-line.

6.  There are no fees for any of our services.  However, students are expected to pay registration and other regular college fees.  Information about Financial Aid is available from EAC staff or the Finaincial Aid Office.  Fees must be paid within a week of enrollment to prevent being dropped from classes.  You can pay at the student business office with cash, check or major credit card, or on-line via credit card.