ACT for Physically Disabled

Assistive Computer Technology (ACT) assists those students with physical disabilities.

jason instructs Cindy on the use of speech recognition software
Jason, one of the High Tech Center Aides, is instructing Cindy on the use of the speech recognition program Dragon Naturally Speaking.

For persons with physical disabilities, "typing at the keyboard" with ACT means using software tools which:

  • convert spoken words into text on the screen.
  • modify keyboard operation.
  • predict and complete words and phrases.

Voice recognition computer applications for people who are unable to use a keyboard, as well as condensed keyboards, are just a few of the many technological aids available to students at the High Tech Center.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition computer application.
  • The BAT, a one-handed, compact device, replicates all the functions of a full size keyboard.
  • 1/2 QWERTY is a one-handed typing technique using 1/2 the standard keyboard.

photo of a student using Dragon Dictate
Here is a student using Dragon Dictate on his own.

photo of sheryl with kathy as they review Intellikeys
This is Sheryl being instructed by Kathy, her assistant, on the use of Intellikeys. Intellikeys can be set to a persons specific needs. In this case it is being used as a communication device.