ACT for Learning Disabled

Assistive Computer Technology (ACT) helps in a variety of ways for students with Learning Disabilities.

For students with learning disabilities, "reading the screen" with ACT means software tools which:

  • verbalize screen content.
  • provide word definitions.
  • correct spelling.
  • monitor grammar and syntax.

A person with a learning disability will find they can benefit from spell checking and artificial intelligence software. Special programs can be used that scan and highlight a textbook while simultaneously reading the text aloud.

  • Kurzweil 3000 is a PC-based reading system which helps people with reading and learning difficulties improve reading speed and comprehension.
  • textHelp (Read & Write) is a helpful reading and writing program. It offers a spell checker, a thesaurus, and a word prediction tool that is useful for people who have difficulty constructing words and sentences.
  • Inspiration is a visual thinking and learning tool that uses concept mapping, diagramming, brainstorming, outlining, organizing, planning and webbing to put your thoughts together in a organized format. This program is used in the Learning Skills / Reading & Writing class.