Unfortunately, at this time we are not taking any intern applications

Prior to applying for an internship position, please review the following information.

The Counseling Department at Ventura College strives to be a community partner in the development of the Counseling profession within higher education.  We understand there is a need within our community to gain experience while attending graduate programs.  As a department, we make every effort to meet these needs of our community with the resources we have available.   The Ventura College Counseling Department has set in place the following expectations to ensure qualified candidates apply as Counseling Interns. Due to the high number of requests, please do not contact the Counseling Department until the following information is reviewed and the appropriate steps are taken-thank you.

  • Ventura College Counseling Department only accepts interns that are currently registered in a graduate level course(s) at an accredited college or university that requires an internship/field work/field study/practicum (referred to as intern or internship from here forward) within a counseling program at a college or university.

  • Students needing “observation hours” or “counselor shadowing” as required by a course at an accredited graduate level program where the emphasis is counseling in higher education, will assume similar expectations as an intern and adhere to the same required steps.

  • Ventura College Counseling Department does not, under any circumstance, accept applications for or supervise “volunteers” or individuals wanting to “gain experience” in the field of college counseling, even if holding a relevant degree.

  • Ventura College Counseling Department strongly prefers candidates that are pursuing a career in higher education counseling, particularly at a community college.

  • The role of an intern varies based on the area of focus (e.g. General Counseling, Transfer Counseling, etc.).Though there may be expectations from the institution the student is attending regarding the experience/role the internship will provide, it is possible that these expectations may not be accommodated due to limited resources, limited experience of the intern or that the expected role is the responsibility of a Counseling Faculty.It is the discretion of the Intern Supervisor, in collaboration with the Ventura College Counseling Department, to determine the duties of the internship.

  • Due to the varied schedules of counselors, we expect that potential candidates be flexible with their schedules.Our hours of operation are 7:45AM to 7PM Monday-Thursday and Friday 7:45AM-5PM.Occasionally counseling hours are required on weekends, which may provide additional internship hours. The greater flexibility the more likely the department can accommodate an intern.It is preferred, though not required, that the intern be available over the course of an academic year, rather than a single semester.

  • Please understand that due to staffing demands and responsibilities, the Counseling Department may only be able to accommodate a maximum number of interns per semester.However, depending on the semester and workloads within the Counseling Department, there is the possibility of not being able to accommodate any interns during any given semester.

  • Intern candidates are welcome to request a specific counselor as a supervisor.Candidates may note such a request on the Ventura College Counseling Department Internship Application.However, there is no guarantee of the availability of the requested counselor.

  • The Counseling Department prefers that Intern Supervisors be a fulltime tenured counselor. This assures a greater scope of experience or knowledge that we hope to impart to interns.Please take this in to consideration when requesting a specific counselor.

  • It is the expectation of the college that all information regarding Ventura College students and student interactions remains confidential.

  • If you are interested in an internship with special programs such as CalWorks, EOPS, EAC or FYE, please contact the coordinator of the respective program for further information.

Once you have read the above information, please read the following steps to apply for a Counseling Internship position within the Ventura College Counseling Department:

  • STEP 1: All potential candidates are initially required to complete the Ventura College Counseling Department Internship Application and submit the application to the Counseling Department.   Please complete all sections of the application.  Candidates with omitted information are less likely to be selected. Applications are not reviewed after the posted deadline.  NOTE: This application is only for initial review and does not guarantee an internship placement.  The Ventura College Counseling Department Internship Application link is located on the left hand side under Internship Application.  NOTE: Once the application has been submitted, please do not contact the Department Chair or individual counselors -candidates will be contacted as soon as possible.

  • STEP 2: A representative from the Ventura College Counseling Department will contact the candidate to inform the candidate if the Department is or is not able to accommodate their request for an internship position during the timeframe requested.  If the Department is able to accommodate an internship, the contacting representative will be the designated Intern Supervisor. Either way the Counseling Department will reply within two weeks following the respective terms deadline. PLEASE SEE THE DEADLINES LISTED BELOW.  However, depending on the Departments workload, a response may take longer.  Again, please do not contact the Department Chair or individual counselors-the Department will contact candidates.

  • STEP 3: If notified by an Intern Supervisor, the selected candidate will be directed to complete the Ventura County Community College Districts (VCCCD) Student Internship Placement Agreement (Agreement).  Please be thorough when filling out this form and complete the entire Agreement, including “Agency” information, which is the college or university the potential intern is currently attending. It is also important to provide a COURSE SYLLABUS from the internship course currently registered in. Please include a copy of this syllabus along with the Agreement. NOTE: Internship placement is contingent on the review of this Agreement in addition to a background check. The VCCCD Student Internship Placement Agreement link is located on the left hand side under Internship Agreement.  NOTE: Check with the Agency regarding liability insurance for internship positions-VCCCD does not provide insurance for interns.

  • STEP 4: Once the Agreement is completed, it, along with the courses syllabus must be returned to the designated Intern Supervisor.  The Intern Supervisor will inform the candidate of how best to return the materials. The Intern Supervisor then reviews the Agreement, signs it and submits it to the Dean (or designated representative) for signature.  The Agreement is then forwarded to the college president or vice president to sign.  Lastly, the form is submitted to the Districts Human Resource (HR) Office.

  • STEP 5: Once received by HR, it may take a few weeks, or possibly longer, for review and approval/disapproval. If approved, HR will send an email to the intern and Intern Supervisor informing of approval and further instructions, including fingerprinting/TB if needed/parking pass, etc. In the case HR only contacts the Intern Supervisor, the Supervisor will notify the candidate of approval status and any additional information. The Intern Supervisor will also inform candidates of disapproval.  Please do not call the Human Resources Office at the District.

  • STEP 6: Following contact by HR and the approval, the intern is welcome to directly contact their Intern Supervisor to establish the structure of the internship.  The Counseling Information Desk can assist with contact information and may be reached at 805-289-6448.

  • Deadlines: Please adhere to the deadlines below. Applications will not be reviewed after the posted deadline. The Counseling Department will reply within two weeks following the respective terms deadline.

    • Fall Internship Application Deadline (this also includes year-long internships fall-spring): April 1st.

    • Spring Internship Application Deadline: October 21st.

    • Summer Internship Application Deadline:  Due to limited Counseling Faculty and an irregular schedule, summer internships are less likely to be accommodated.  The internship timeframe is during June and July. If interested in applying for a summer internship the application deadline is:  March 1st.

NOTE:  Intern candidates will be notified as to whether an internship position is available or not as soon as all information has been reviewed.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT.  The Counseling Department anticipates a prompt reply (within two weeks of receiving the initial application).  However, depending on the workload of the Department, a response may take several weeks. 

NOTE: The Ventura College Counseling Department Internship Application is only for initial review and does not guarantee an internship placement.  Internship placement is contingent on met expectations, available supervisors, review of the District’s Student Internship Placement Agreement, in addition to a background check.