Promise, Scholarships, & Textbook Support

The Ventura College Foundation's programs provide direct and indirect support for Ventura College students.

Direct Programs include the:

Program Facts - 2017-2018 Fiscal Year

Please be sure to work with VC Financial Aid to see what other resources you may be eligible for.

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"When i found out that I was awarded a scholarship, I was shocked. It was great to know someone heard my story and believed in my potential."

- Anthony Schoenfeld, U.S. Veteran, Current VC Student & Scholarship Recipient 16/17, 17/18






"The Foundation's support has allowed me to become a role model for my two younger sisters. They know they can achieve anything they want to because of the programs that the Foundation offers."

- Abraham Medel Morales, VC Alumnus & Scholarship Recipient 16/17, 17/18 






"With the Ventura College Promise, I am able to make my education my priority." 

- Tatiana Juarez, Promise Student 15/16





"The scholarships change the emotional state of the student. I had never received a financial gift before, and certainly not from total strangers. This was amazing. This reinforced my own faith in myself."

Eliza Viera, VC Alumnus & Scholarship Recipient 12/13



"The assistance I received from the Foundation Scholarships and Grants allowed me to not think about my financial hardship of putting myself through school and to concentrate and  focus on my educational goal of becoming a nurse." 

- Benjamin Romero III, Current VC Student 2014