Phoenix Scholarships

The Phoenix Scholarship Program was established in November 1999 by Ventura College Foundation board members who learned about the special needs of Ventura College re-entry students. The Phoenix Scholarship is designed to assist these students who have minimal or no resources at their disposal for the cost of their education. Re-entry students are individuals who must learn new skills and return to school to do so; or who have chosen to return to school after a break in education.

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Phoenix Scholarship Recipients - 2018

The Ventura College Foundation recognized 28 students with individual scholarships. The recipients are selected based on their applications, essays, recommendations from counselors, faculty and employers, and individual challenges overcome by these amazing re-entry students. To date the Phoenix Scholarship program has recognized more than 200 students and awarded more than $100,000 in individual scholarships.  The scholarships were presented by Anne King and Gerardo Pantoja at the Phoenix Scholarship Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the Wright Event Center, hosted by the Board of Directors, and staff of the Ventura College Foundation.

Recipients listed in alphabetical order: 

Majdi Al-Saleh, Ydianna Barragan, Hailey Bartlett, Michael Bui, Vivian Cirricione, Jacob Corbin, Jose DeLara, Morgan Ellis, Gordon Emhoff, Erin Francis, Esmeralda Gomez, Omar Gonzalez, Amber Graham, Josh Grigsby, Ingrid Hyross, Jessica Kephart, Joy Lehrfeld, Angelica Magdaleno, Shawn McCoy, Johnny Misheff, Melody Mo, Jaclyn Moore, Erick Pina, Desiree Rios, Marina Sanchez, Oscar Sandoval, Clarissa Swallows, and Kirstyn Wyatt. 


Special recognition to the following donors and sponsors for Phoenix Scholarships:
Dr. Robert Beilin & Mrs. Catherine Beilin Ms. Vaughan Meyer Venoco, Inc.
Dr. Ruth Hemming Rotary Club of Ventura Mr. Hal Wasserman and Mrs. Jan Wasserman
Mrs. Elise O. Kearney & Mr. William Kearney San Buenaventura Women's Club Mr. Stan Weisel
Mr. Dave Kraus & Mrs. Liz Kraus Ms. Linda Seaman Ms. Helen Yunker
Mr. Jordan Laby Mr. Richard L. Taylor, Esq.  
Ms. Aurora Loss Mr. George E. Tillquist & Mrs. Eleanor Tillquist  


""If you want to lift yourself up, Lift up someone else" ~ Booker T. Washington


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