Frequently Asked Questions

VC Promise Frequently Asked Questions:

If I submit my FAFSA or California Dream Act application am I automatically qualified for the VC Promise?

     NO. You must have completed a Ventura College application and the VC Promise application. The FAFSA/Dream Act applications are used to determine your eligibility for federal and/or state financial aid.

Do Promise students have to start in the Fall immediately after graduation to use the Promise?

     YES. Studies show that high school graduates who enter college immediately are far more likely to complete their education.

Can I take as few or as many credits as I'd like?

     YES. There is no minimum or maximum number of credits you must take. However, our studies show that Promise students take 25% more credits than non-Promise students.

Can I use the VC Promise at Moorpark or Oxnard Colleges?

     NO. The Promise can only be used at Ventura College.

Is the Promise really for anyone?

     YES. The Promise is for ANYONE who meets the eligibility requirements on a first come, first served basis. We find that this encourages students to go to college when they may have assumed they could not afford it.

Does the Promise cover books or parking?

     NO. The Promise covers per-unit enrollment, health, and student center fees only.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to the VC Promise.