Funding Scholarships

The Ventura College Foundation was initially established for the purpose of raising funds for student scholarships. While our focus has expanded over the years, we continue to support our students through our scholarship program. Each year, students complete the Foundation’s scholarship application form, gather recommendations from their instructors and counselors and write an essay about their hopes and dreams. Each application is carefully read, scored and ranked by a committee of faculty representatives and members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Donors are invited to participate by establishing a scholarship fund or making a donation to support the students of Ventura College through one of the following:

Photo of Scholarship Recipients

  • Foundation Scholarships: The Ventura College Foundation works to raise funds for the Ventura College Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, students must have completed 12 graded units at Ventura College and be currently enrolled at Ventura College. Some Foundation scholarships also require a student to qualify through demonstration of financial need. Donors may make a contribution of any amount to the Foundation Scholarship Program to benefit the students of Ventura College. A gift may also be made in honor of friends or family or in the memory of a loved one.

  • Endowed Scholarships: The Ventura College Foundation is proud to be the custodian of more than $2.3 million in endowed scholarships to benefit the students of Ventura College. A new scholarship can be endowed at the Ventura College Foundation for as little as $21,000. These funds are invested and each year a percentage of the earned interest is given out as a scholarship while the principal, remains intact. For the donor, endowments create a lasting legacy that will benefit students in perpetuity. Donors select a name for the fund, the criteria for awarding the scholarship are established and the gift is made to create a lasting legacy.

  • Annual Scholarships: The Ventura College Foundation is honored to work with individuals and organizations to award annual scholarships to the students of Ventura College. Donors may make a donation each year to award a scholarship to a qualified student who meets the donor criteria including area of study, merit, ethnicity, gender or interests. The minimum amount for an annual named scholarship is $1,000.

For more information on how to establish a scholarship, please contact: Anne King, Executive Director, at 805-289-6503 or by email at





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