Educational Enhancement Grants

New Procedure for Educational Enhancement Grant Funding

General Purpose:

The Ventura College Foundation Educational Enhancement Grants Program provides grants to assist Ventura College Faculty and Staff to: improve and/or enrich classroom instruction; develop and/or augment student services or encourage creativity and exploration of new teaching methods.

Ventura College Foundation partners with Ventura College to identify budget items from the Program Review process that did not get funded in the Ventura College Budget.  Items are considered that are recommended by the college, and fulfill the vision of the Ventura College Foundation's mission to facilitate student success and grow the impact and legacy of Ventura College as a vital community asset.

How Awards are Chosen:
The Executive Vice President, Vice President of Business Services, and Chair of the College Planning Council will review the unfunded items from the program review and select their top choices for funding through this program.  The Ventura College Foundation Board of Directors will approve the selected items and/or request alternate items for funding.  

Criteria for Selection:

  • Program items must be linked to the mission of the Ventura College Foundation, “To enhance the educational experience of students at Ventura College.”
  • Preference will be given to items that clearly demonstrate how the grant will directly enhance the educational experience of students at Ventura College and that clearly demonstrate the solution to a problem that impacts the educational experience.
  • Additional information may be requested by the foundation when considering program items.
  • The Ventura College Foundation Educational Enhancement Grants Committee endeavors to award the grants to a variety of departments.

Funding Procedure:

Once the final list for funding has been approved, the chair of each department will be notified with the project and funded amount.  A special Trust & Agency Fund will be set up at the Ventura College Student Business Office and Educational Enhancement Grant funds will be deposited to this account.  Recipients may use the normal requisition process through department deans and forward signed requisitions to the Vice-President of Business Services for processing. All expenditures must be made in support of the original approved project.  Funding will be available for Fall semester.

Evaluation Reports:
Each grantee is required to provide an evaluation report to the Ventura College Foundation by June 30th of the fiscal year in which funding was provided.  Click here to download the evaluation report.

Questions / Contact:
For additional information contact Wendy Carlton at the Ventura College Foundation by phone: (805)289-6161  or