David Mason

 Photo of David Mason

David Mason is known around LA for his solid musicianship and subtle, but potent interpretations. With his easy-going attitude, he approaches music as a language that connects
people, which has contributed to his success as a freelance musician. His newer generation of musical thought has made him a well-rounded musician that can float through orchestral music,
excel in chamber music, and maneuver through new compositions.

Recently, David performed with the newly formed Torrance Pops orchestra, the Culver City Chamber Orchestra during their Cellomania series, and the Los Angeles Composers Collective on a program of completely new works for string quartet and voice. David has musical flexibility that crosses over many musical styles which allows him to regularly perform with the Bakersfield Symphony, Ventura College Symphony, and is in high demand for recording sessions in Los Angeles. On the other end of the spectrum, he performs regular concerts with the new music ensembles Dog Star Orchestra, Euler String Quartet, and in 2017 he curated his own cello + electronics tour.

David is extremely grateful for his teachers who have trusted him with their knowledge and who have set him up for success in an increasingly competitive field. David studied with Joyce Geeting and Andrew Cook during undergrad, and Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick when he was a grad student at California Institute of the Arts. Now, when teaching his own students, he infuses his teachers viewpoints into the lesson while using demonstration when appropriate. David’s teaching philosophy is to nurture the “lightbulb” moments and to encourage togetherness during the “hurdles”. Passionate about music education in underserved communities, David teaches strings part-time at a charter school in Inglewood and substitute teaches frequently for the Harmony Project. Both organizations are located in areas of overpopulation and insufficient funding.

Professionally, David has worked with composers such as David Newman, Jeff Russo, Michael Skloff, Jae Deal, and John Biggs. Performers and artists include Hila Plitmann, Sid Swift, AJ Mitchell, Jonathan Hepfer, Devone Tines, and members of the Calder, Lyris, Formalist and Vitamin String Quartets.