Carlos Gonzales

Carlos Gonzales began his interest in the guitar at a very early age of seven. Unfortunately formal music lessons were not available at the beginning of his young development. For the first 8 years Carlos was primarily self taught. It wasn’t until he took a guitar class offered in high school where he received his first formal instruction.    
Shortly after high school Carlos was able to study for the first time classical guitar with Celestino Romero.  During the next two years Carlos was introduced to formal hand techniques and standard repertoire. Carlos applied himself with discipline and enthusiasm, in a short time he developed a fine technique.  Upon the recommendation of his teacher Celestino Romero, Carlos decided to study with Vicente Gomez. During this period Carlos began teaching others what he had learned and began to perform solo guitar recitals.
Carlos wanting to refine his love for the classical guitar decided to attend California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, Ca. He graduated in 1978 and received a Bachelor in the Fine Arts and Guitar Performance. Stuart Fox was his primary teacher during this period. While attending California Institute of the Arts Carlos was introduced to music of the 20th century. Carlos has the opportunity to study with modern composers and artists like John Cage, Lucky Mosko, Elliot Carter, Leonard Stein, Mel Powel and Morton Subotnick.

In 1980 Carlos began a Master’s Program at California State University at Northridge. Carlos studied guitar with Ronald Purcell. During his studies there, he had the opportunity to attend masters classes with Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Carlos Barbosa Lima, Alexander Lagoya and John Mills. In 1981 Carlos began teaching classes in Ventura College and is continues to the present date.

For many years Carlos has been an inspiration to thousands of guitarist throughout Southern California. In 1998 Carlos helped to establish and develop the now recognized Ventura County Classical Guitar Society. The guitar society has grown from a small group of students to hundreds of guitar aficionados, aspiring musicians and professional performers. Carlos remains active in the West Coast as a concert guitarist and teacher.