Institutional Review Board

The role of the Ventura Community College District Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to review all proposed research involving human subjects to ensure that subjects are treated ethically and that their rights and welfare are adequately protected.

The IRB is composed primarily of faculty members from disciplines in which research involving human subjects is integral to that discipline's work, administrators who have responsibility for research, institutional researchers, and members from the community. The human subjects review process is administered through the IRB Office.

All research activities involving the use of human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the IRB before data collection can begin. Investigators may not solicit subject participation or begin data collection until they have received written approval from the IRB.


Ventura College IRB Charter & Standard Operating Procedures

Ventura College IRB Application

Informed Consent Checklist - Basic and Additional Elements

Action of the IRB -Change Required 

Conflict of Interest Form

Research Closure Form template

Tracking Sheet for research project

Action of the IRB - Approval

Annual Renewal-Continuing Research Form

Expedited Review Form

Research Checklist

Research Modification Form

Action of the IRB-Disapproval

Conflict of Interest Approval Form

Research Closure Form

Sample Informed Consent

Adverse Incident Reporting Form

IRB Contact Information

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