Archived Committee Content


College faculty, staff, and students have a role in participatory governance through the committee structure.  There are three kinds of committees:  Governance Committees, Operational Committees, and Advisory Committees.

The Making Recommendations: Participatory Governance at Ventura College document includes information on: the college Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles ( p. 2) and The Roles of College Constituent Groups (p. 3).


Advisory committees exist for college programs and services to receive advice and feedback from other members of the campus community and from area constituents. In most cases, membership on advisory committees is open to all interested members of the academic community.


The charter for governance groups is derived from law and regulation, which outline specific areas in which consultation is mandated (Title 5§.53200c).  The composition of governance committees is representative of college constituencies.


Operational committees exist to enable college administrative or organizational units to share information, conduct routine business, and discuss issues of mutual concern. Membership on operational committees is based on one’s assigned, appointed, or elected position at the college.