Student Activities/Student Government

Program Purpose: Student activities allow students to develop leadership and life skills that complement their academic growth. Through their participation in student government and clubs, students will hone their skills in self advocacy and personal accountability, and will participate in the college’s shared governance process.

Program Description:  The goal of the Student Activities Program is to provide opportunities for students and the College to expand and develop through a wide variety of activities and experiences. Student participation in the Student Activities Program comprises two major areas: governance and college activities. Within each, a wide spectrum of experiences are available to students. Program areas include but are not limited to: student activities and programs, leadership and leadership internship courses, Associated Students of Ventura College (ASVC) Board and student governance, student clubs and organizations, posting approval, vendor approval, use of facilities and services by student clubs and organizations, student photo identification, short-term loans and book vouchers, and student commencement.


1. Information Competency
2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
3. Social Interaction and Life Skills


1. ASVC members will be able to identify personal leadership styles and strengths
2. ASVC member will engage in weekly shared governance meetings and utilize committees in order to plan effective student events.
3. ASVC member will be able to understand departmental, college and District policies and procedures.
4. Students will be able to follow procedures when conducting business with limited assistance from staff.