Program Purpose: The Learning Center is a computer lab created for classroom instruction and student drop-in use. It is a place where students will be able to utilize various software programs in completing assignments and use for supplemental study; work with IDS faculty to help achieve their identified goals; and find the equipment, software, and facility satisfactory to meet their educational needs.

 Program Description: The 350-station Learning Center computer lab (called the “BEACH ) functions both as an open-access computer lab which students can use on a drop-in basis for their college-related work and as a lab for classroom instruction for English, reading, foreign language, learning skills, paramedic studies, and nursing. Computers are available with software for Internet access, word processing, textbook related materials, and specialized reading and writing programs. “BEACH” is an acronym for Best Educational Access to Computers and Help. The Beach serves as a place for students to work on their classroom assignments or simply check their email; it also serves as a classroom for classes scheduled in the "Beach" for instruction, testing, or supplemental study. 

We also have a Learning Center at the Ventura College Santa Paula site.  The Santa Paula LRC supports instruction and is open to Ventura College students for drop-in use to complete assignments or make use of various software programs for supplemental study.  The various software programs include Internet access, word processing, language acquisition, reading and writing programs.


1.  Communication
2.  Information Competency


1.  Students will be able to identify the Learning Center as a place for utilizing computers with specialized software as a resource for supplemental study.
2.  Students will be able to identify and work with IDS instructors to help achieve their identified goals.
3.  Students will find the Learning Center equipment, software, and facility satisfactory to meet their educational needs.