Program Purpose: The CalWORKs program is collaboration with Ventura County Human Services. The program provides supportive services to students who are receiving TANF (public assistance) to acquire a vocational certificate or degree to prepare them for successful transition into the workforce.

Program Description:  CalWORKS (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Act) is California's welfare reform program designed to help families become self-sufficient through a variety of educational and work-related activities, including attendance at Ventura College. A leader in higher education, Ventura College provides individuals with the opportunity to obtain new job skills or enhance existing skills through a variety of state-of-the-art programs.


1. The Service will support or facilitate a positive learning or service environment for students.
2. The Service will support or facilitate institutional accountability by monitoring and ensuring compliance with statutory mandates, ,ocal policy and procedures, and state or federal law.


1. CalWORKs students will demonstrate their understanding and compliance with external regulations affecting their participation in the program.
2. CalWORKs students will develop a Student Educational Plan with a counselor that is consistent with their Welfare-To-Work Plan Activity Assignment that they have completes with their Welfare-To-Work Worker.
3. CalWORKs students will maintain satisfactory academic progress.