Service Unit Outcomes (SUOs)

SUOs (Service Unit Outcomes) are goals and strategies of service unit programs in supporting students as they progress through their educational journey at Ventura College. 

SUOs enable service units to maintain focus on the importance of their role in student success and provide meaningful assessments to see if expectations are met.

What do SUOs do?

  • Represent the fundamental functions of a service department and align with departmental goals and the college mission.
  • Enable service units to maintain focus on the importance of their role in student success.
  • Provide meaningful assessments to see if expectations are met.

SUOs represent:

  • What we want students to:
    • Know/Understand:  college processes and services available to assist them
    • Values: open-mindedness, ethics, social responsibility
    • Be able to do:  register for classes, complete applications, request services, determine education plans, etc.
  • The department’s goals
    • Level or volume of activities
    • Efficiency (cost savings measures, turnaround time, improving a process)
    • Compliance with external standards or regulations
    • Student satisfaction

What Is the Difference Between Student Learning Outcomes and Service Learning Outcomes?

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) were explained on other pages of this website as statements of the knowledge, skills, activities, and attitudes that a student has attained from his or her engagement in a particular set of collegiate experiences. SLOs are able to be measured and provide evidence that learning has occurred.

Service Unit Outcomes (SUOs) are statements that describe the desired of key functions and services provided by Service Unit Programs. SUOs are statements of what students and faculty experience, or understand as a result of a given service interaction. SUOs are measurable and address both process and satisfaction indicators. SUOs are similar to SLOs, however, they relate to non-instructional programs that provide valuable services to the students, faculty, and staff.

What is a Service Unit program?

At Ventura College, a service program is defined as any student support service that enhances student learning and promotes academic achievement.  

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