Program Purpose: The Psychology program is designed to prepare students with a theoretical and applied comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings, historical and contemporary trends in psychology. The program expands student’s comprehension of scientifically based research methods in psychology using statistical analyses appropriate for specific research problems. Additionally, the studies demonstrate the application of social interaction and life skills, including basic proficiency in information technology.

Program Description: Psychology is the study of behavior, mental processes, and our relationship to others within our society. Psychology is a science used to understand the diverse cultural, economic, ethnic, social, and historical viewpoints that exist in a multicultural world. This discipline seeks to understand how these viewpoints interact with individual and group behavior. An awareness of these viewpoints help students to understand themselves, the behavior of people in their environment, and how to actively participate within a society. A student graduating with an Associate of Arts in Psychology may transfer to a four year institution to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. Psychology is excellent preparation for a wide range of career paths in business, mental health, teaching, law enforcement, social services, and community relations.


  1. Students will demonstrate comprehension of major concepts and theoretical perspectives of psychology.
  2. Students will contrast scientific and non-scientific research methods.
  3. Students will demonstrate application of statistical analyses appropriate for a variety of research problems.
  4. Students will discuss application of social interaction and other individual life skills.