Kinesiology (Physical Education)

Program Purpose: Students who participate in Kinesiology courses will be able to demonstrate physical movement through exercise to create a healthy lifestyle, identify an understanding of the biomechanical skills required by each individual course, and design a personal program based upon knowledge and skills acquired in the courses.

Program Description:  Kinesiology classes offer students an opportunity to enrich their education with emphasis on improved individual physical well-being as well as to prepare students for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Coaching and Fitness Management. Students may obtain an AS in Kinesiology and optimize preparation for advanced degrees in Kinesiology at four-year institutions. Typical employment opportunities in the field are in the areas of coaching, personal or group training, fitness instruction, fitness specialists, physical therapy assistants, recreation, as well as managerial positions in athletics and recreation centers.


  1. Explore transfer and career opportunities in the multi-faceted field of Kinesiology.
  2. Design a lifelong fitness program including the five components of physical fitness.
  3. Demonstrate personal fitness goal achievement.