Program Purpose: The History program is designed to assist students graduating with a degree in history to demonstrate an understanding of the effects of time and place on shaping and molding the human experience. Whereby students, will be able to appraise the significance of specific people, places and events in understanding the larger trends and themes of history. Additionally, students will be able to assess and evaluate the causes and effects of trends and historical developments over time.

Program Description: Through the critical evaluation of the causes and significance of events in the past, students of history learn about the individuals, ideas, actions, and events that have shaped our present. History teaches students to find and interpret relevant information and to evaluate the authority and bias of information. It promotes an understanding of cultures and societies from the past while it helps students consider their own identities in the world of today. A student graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in History will usually transfers to a four-year institution to complete a Bachelor's Degree. History is an excellent preparation for careers in teaching, law, business, communications, journalism, librarianship, archival and research work, public administration and a wide variety of public service and government careers. Professional schools in these and related fields are looking for students who can weigh conflicting evidence, evaluate alternative courses of action or divergent points of view, and express conclusions logically and clearly. For students that are not majoring in History, this subject area meets important transfer requirements and promotes a basic understanding of the world.


  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the effects of time and place on the human experience.
  2. Students will assess and/or evaluate the cause and effect of historical development.
  3. Students will appraise the significance of people, places, and events to the larger themes of history.