Administrative Assistant

Program Purpose:

Students who complete the Administrative Assisting program will be able to demonstrate performance of effective business communications skills, business record management, resume preparation, and Internet skills, with an emphasis on integrated word processing, electronic spreadsheets and presentations. Commonly-used business calculations are integrated with Excel skills to expand these capabilities.  Students completing this program will have the skills that lead to success in a wide variety of office settings.

Program Description:

The Administrative Assistant Program assists students in developing the skills needed for a career as an Administrative Assistant or any other of a wide variety of office positions in a very broad arena of businesses of all types. This comprehensive program is offered in an accelerated format and provides the opportunity for students to develop effective communication skills, computer skills, and specialized skills that lead to success working in a variety of office settings. Jobs in this field include administrative assistant, front office assistant, receptionist, front office specialists in a number of categories (sales, production, inventory, production control, purchasing, manufacturing, etc.) and may lead to advancement to various office supervisorial positions.


  1. Students will acquire and apply the technical skills, including appropriate communications and teamwork skills, to secure employment as an Administrative Assistant.
  2. Students will know how to prepare a resume and cover letter and accomplish a successful job interview.
  3. Students will use computer skills to produce word processing documents, data worksheets, perform internet searches, and prepare professional e-mails.
  4. Students will know proper records management rules and methods.
  5. Students will be able to identify and organize data and complete a wide variety of calculations related to real-world problem solving.