Institutional SLOs and SUOs

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) are broad educational goals that are shared across campus. These are the outcomes that every student who leaves VC with a degree, certificate, vocational training, or sufficient credits and breadth to transfer with their general education work done, should be able to do or know.

VC has five ISLOs. All ISLOs are required to be assessed using common rubrics that have been approved by the Academic Senate.

  1. Communication - Written, Oral, and Visual: Students will write, speak, perform, or create original content that communicates effectively and is facilitated by active listening skills.
  2. Reasoning - Scientific and Quantitative: Students will locate, identify, collect, and organize data in order to analyze, interpret, or evaluate it using mathematical skills and/or the scientific method.
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Students will recognize and identify the components of problems or issues, examine them from multiple perspectives and investigate ways to resolve them using reasoned and supportable conclusions while differentiating between facts, influences, opinions, and assumptions.
  4. Information Literacy: Students will formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources in a variety of formats such as print and/or electronic.
  5. Personal/Community Awareness and Academic/Career Responsibilities: Students will examine the ethical responsibilities and the dynamic role of individuals and active citizens in society. Students will develop skills and employ strategies to self-manage their personal, academic and career goals and to cooperate, collaborate, and interact successfully within groups and with a variety of cultures, peoples, and situations

(Adopted by the Academic Senate on March 1, 2012)

Institutional Service Unit Outcomes

Institutional Service Unit Outcomes (ISUOs) are broad service support goals that are shared across campus. These are the outcomes of every service unit on campus in terms of how they support students as they attend VC to work towards their educational goal.

VC has two ISUOs. ISUO 1 is required to be assessed by a common college-wide rubric. ISUO 2 does not have a common rubric.

  1. The Service will support or facilitate a positive learning or service environment for students.
  2. The Services will support or facilitate institutional accountability by monitoring and ensuring compliance with statutory mandates, local policy and procedures, and state or federal law.

(Adopted by the Academic Senate on October 18, 2012)