These forms have been developed by the Student Learning Outcomes Committee to assist faculty and staff through the SLO/SUO assessment process.   Faculty should use the SLO Assessment Findings - Embedded form to enter their assessment data.  This form allows faculty to enter CSLO, PSLO, and ISLO data onto one form, when they are assessed simultaneously.  However, if just one level of SLO was assessed, only the appropriate SLO column needs to be completed.  A separate form is required for each modality (face-to-face, 100% online, hybrid 51-99%, and hybrid 1-50%). 

These forms are submitted to the Department Chairs, who will summarize the findings (by course and modality) and enter them into TracDat.  Individual Faculty and Department Chairs should save copies of all assessment forms. These may be stored in Sharepoint.  The Summary of CSLO or ISLO Assessments form is an optional tool to assist Department Chairs in summarizing the findings of multiple sections of a course. The actual findings are entered into TracDat.  This form is not required but may be helpful during department discussions of findings data and the creation of initiatives for improvement of student learning.

The Program SLO Assessment Summary form is a tool to guide departments through a discussion of their PSLO findings and use of those findings to create program initiatives. This is also an optional form. These initiatives will become part of the Program Review process.

Service Units will complete the Service Unit Assessment Summary Form as documentation of their SUO assessment process.  All Summary forms will be stored in Sharepoint.

For assistance with any of these forms, please contact an SLO Facilitator.

Instructional Programs

Service Units