II.C. Student Support Services
1.1 Directory of Student Success and Support Services
1.2 Sample Point of Service Survey - service, program or activity
1.3 Sample of Survey with 6 factor questions
1.4 RP group, "Student Support (re)Defined: What student say they need to succeed."
1.5 Sample Summary Report of Point of Service Survey Data - for program review
1.6 Minutes, Student Services and Support Leadership Council
1.7 2015 Program Review and Resource Allocation Request form a Student Service Area
1.8 Screenshot, OEI's Online Student Readiness Tutorials
1.9 Example of Corrected Audit Exception
2.1 Sample Student Services Survey
2.2 Sample Student Services Project
2.3 Sample Summary, Student Focus Group
2.4 Sample Peer Evaluation
2.5 Sample Assessment Exam
2.6 Education Plan Data
2.7 Sample Form for Providing SUO Data
2.8 2015 Student Perception Survey
2.9 2009 Student Perception Survey
3.1 Directory of Student Support and Success Services
3.2 Pirate Fridays, Schedule and Statistics, Spring 2015     
3.3 Flyer, Set Your Course Workshop, Santa Paula
3.4 Screenshot, Distance Education at Ventura College
3.5 Instructions to Online Student Regarding How to Access Counselors via the Phone and the Web
3.6 Screenshot, Services for Students Webpage
3.7 Sample Online Admissions and Records Form
3.8 Screenshot, Financial Aid Website
3.9 Screenshot, Sample Closed Captioned Video
3.10 Sample College Webpage in Spanish
3.11 Don't Cancel My Class Promotional Flyer
4.1 ASVC Roster, Spring 2016
4.2 Screenshot, List of Student Organizations
4.3 BP 5400 and AP 5400  
4.4 BP 5420 and AP 5420
4.5 Screenshot, VC Athletics Webpage
4.6 Feed a Pirate Program Flyer
4.7 Clothesline Event Materials
5.1 Sample Counseling Meeting Minutes
5.2 Sample Handouts from Counselor Trainings
5.3 Screenshot, Degree Works Ed Plan
5.4 Screenshot, Online Orientation
5.5 Sample Major Talks Flyer
6.1 BP 5010
6.2 Screenshot of on-line catalog
6.3 Screenshot of Degree Works Ed Plan
6.4 VC Steps to Success
6.5 Screenshot, VC Innovates
6.6 SSSP Follow-up data
7.1 Sample Schedule of Assessments
7.2 English Department Minutes Showing Approval CTEP, February 27, 2007
7.3 State Chancellor Approval of CTEP
7.4 English and Reading Assessment Test Validation Study, Fall 2012
7.5 State Chancellor Approval of MDTP
7.6 Approval of MDTP Validity Studies, 2014
7.7 Multiple Measure Questionnaire
7.8 Using decision trees to predict course success in the Multiple Measures Assessment Project, Slide 21.
7.9 Student Equity Plan, 2014-15
7.10 CCCAssess College Adoption Implementation Schedule
8.1 BP 5040
8.2 College Catalog, Appendix I
8.3 Description of Banner
8.4 Description of OnBase Document Imaging Systems
8.5 Description of Parchment Transcription Order and Processing Systems
8.6 Description of OpenCCCApply
8.7 HIPPA Handout
8.8 Screenshot, FERPA Notification, Admissions and Records Webpage
8.9 FERPA Notification, College Catalog, page 258.